Sunday, April 25, 2010


I know I haven't posted anything in a while but that doesn't mean I've given up only means I've been working that much harder. I'm still continuously making progress be it slow or fast, its progress none the less. Still learning and growing and changing for the better and working towards helping Emma heal and making her happy as possible and showing her I'm sorry and I love and care for her more than anything in this world. Some of the things that I have learned is that love is neither free nor is it easy, but the level of contentment you can attain and the happiness you gain at the end of the road will make it all worth the while. To love and be loved in return is one of the best feelings in the world if you can find that, but you must be willing to work for it. You must be willing to go through some tough times and make difficult sacrifices to get where you want to be. But the harder you work, the more rewarding the outcome will be. I feel like people make a big fuss about how much love hurts, but it's not love itself that's causing the pain. It's the jealousy, the loneliness, the past heartbreak (along with a number of other things) that's in charge of all that. NOT Love! At the end of the day though, Love will always be a beautiful thing and it's something you can not deny. Nobody no matter what 'their' opinion is on 'your' life, they can't tell you that you can't or shouldn't love another person because they have no idea how you feel about them. No one can tell me that I shouldn't or that I don't love Emma! But thats just a few of my little thoughts. Back to the grind, until next time. Emma... Love, Love :-*

Thank You for reading. Peace & God Bless! - Tiffany
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