Friday, February 5, 2010


Place your hands like mine in the picture above and follow along as I explain what it represents....

First, the thumb represents your parents. Now try separating them apart. Notice how they easily open? They separate so easy because you are not destined to live with your parents forever.... Now join them back together.

Next, separate your index fingers. You will see that they will open too. These fingers represent your siblings. They will also lead their own lives in the future.

The middle fingers represent yourself...

Next separate your pinkies. These fingers will open as well because they represent your kids, who will also have a different life from yours, eventually.

Lastly, try opening your ring fingers... You're right, you can't. This is because the ring finger represents you & your spouse; for me, us & the love I have for Emma. No matter what I will remain together as a part of her for the rest of my life. To me this represents exactly what I am trying to get across. I will never leave her side, only stand together by her no matter what. It is the ring finger because it belongs to her and only her forever. She is not my number one because then that would mean that there's a second and third. She is my only one.

Thank You for reading. Peace & God Bless - Tiffany
.::E&T FOREVER::. 143Emma/ForeverLoyal


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