Sunday, February 21, 2010


My body isn't perfect
I don't walk with all the confidence
Yeah I'd rather be with you or by myself then out partying
I cry over the smallest things
There are days that I get through with forced smiles and fake laughs
Sometimes I try and convince myself that things are okay when they're not
I'm not ugly
I'm not beautiful
I have nights where I cry myself to sleep
I've made the worse decisions of my life that lead to your heart ache
I have learned from my mistakes
I'm constantly learning, growing and making changes for the better
I don't have the softest touch
My communication skills need work
My edges may be rough
I don't always fit in
I don't have the greatest track record
I may not be the smartest person in the world
But I know what real love is
And I truly love you Emma
I may not be perfect
But I'm all yours
I'm so sorry
I really love you

Thank You for reading. Peace & God Bless! - Tiffany
.::E&T FOREVER::. 143Emma/ForeverLoyal


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