Sunday, February 14, 2010


Let me say this. It's one thing to come at me and to call me names, say whatever you want about me. If you feel the need to come read my blog and see what's going on in my life and try to create drama by leaving negative comments to me then you do that. It's another thing when you come and say things about Emma. I will not tolerate anyone saying anything negative toward her or about her. You can disrespect ME all you want but you WILL NOT come and disrespect her. It shows that you have noting better to do and I advise you find a life of your own that doesn't involve trying to bring negativity to someone else's. You don't even have the balls to own up to your own comments. It show's that you're insecure and scared. If you have something negative to say about Emma leave your name or come say it to me. I dare you. - Tiffany


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